Morris County NJ Alside Siding Project with Shake Corners

This Alside siding project in Roxbury, Morris County, NJ, turned out beautifully, and we’re happy to share some photos.

The bi-level home had wood cedar shake siding in platinum gray, with white trim and burgundy accents. The customer wanted a fresh new look, low maintenance, and long life in a siding solution.

We recommended Alside Pelican Bay single 7″ vinyl shake siding in Mystic Blue with white trim and Ocean Blue shutters to match.

Once we removed the existing wood cedar shake siding, we replaced some rotten sheathing and wrapped the house in new Tyvec house wrap vapor barried and sealed all the seams with Tyvec tape.

Along with the installation, we used shake corners rather than regular siding corners, which give a more realistic cedar shake look. These corners are seven times more expensive than the standard corners, but well worth the investment.

Even with these enhanced corners, our price for the job was less expensive than the competition, who were quoting the cheaper corners.

Materials used:

Alside Pelican Bay Single 7″ Vinyl Shake Siding in Mystic Blue
Ocean Blue Shutters
Alside Shake Corners
Tyvec House Wrap
Tyvec Tape

alside siding before pictures

Before Picture of Wood Shake Siding

Alside Pelican Bay Siding

Alside Pelican Bay Siding Completed Project

alside shake corners

Closeup of Alside Shake Corners

alside shutter closeup

Ocean Blue Shutters Closeup